Inspired by Vi Hart <3

Inspired by Vi Hart’s video on stars and math, I did some of my own doodling. I used a slightly different way to calculate the amount of points skipped before connecting.

Basically what I did is:

P= amount of dots, indicatine the amount of points the star has.

Q= the amount of dots skipped before connecting a dot.

So what I figured out is:

P-(Q1+Q2) = 2

The stars formed by using Q1+Q2 have to be Identical thou and it always has to be the first pair of matching stars that comes up.

So if you have the following:


  • Q1+Q2 = 7

And the two smallest numbers to make 7 and create matching Stars are 3 and 4.

Here’s the whole Star Page.

Pics of this weekend will be on in a few ❤


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Four facts about me: #1 I love traveling #2 I am a Hufflepuff pride yall) #3 I am just a slight bit artsy nerdy crazy #4 I am a Nerdfighter! DFTBA !!

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