A little essay =)

In English we wrote essays and I thought I should share mine with you wile I try to get more pictures from the fashion show =) ❤



The woods where filled with the darkness of the night and the creeping haze that foreshadows the coming of creatures mysterious and strange to mankind. A girl was running through the blackness of the nightly foliage covered paths, her dress once white was now sprayed in blood. The sound of her breath was rushed, entwined by a wheezing sound signifying her exhaustion and yet she did not rest. She glimpsed behind herself, very nearly stumbling over the seam of her skirt, seeing nothing nevertheless knowing the dangers following her. She touched the small mirror, hidden in the folds of her dress. It was the reason she had been running for so many nights. She reached the small dirt road where she had to rendezvous with her companion. He was waiting for her a fresh horse in hand, mounted on his own steed. Their greeting was swift for they had to reach their destination before dawn. The thunder of their mount’s hooves was accompanied by the cloud of dust as they carried on swiftly with their journey.

The in the protection of the night had almost reached its end when the two figures appeared out of the mist. Their steeds sweating and panting, breath thick with the exhaustion of running for miles, they dismounted promptly, relieving their worn-out mounts of their weight. Looking up at the grandeur of the Gates of Arvin, Eowen knew they had made it in time. The guards recognized her and a young boy approached to take care of their mounts. The girl and her companion were led through the inner-city to lodgings where they could rest after their elongated flight. The people welcomed them graciously, coming out of their houses to greet the returned alike to heroes.

Once they had rested and removed all grime from their skin they received garments of fine fabric and silk such as were tailored by their people. Once again they started a journey through the city. Relieved from the strain of their journey and the fatigue of being up for days, they took in the beauty of Arvin. It was not much of a city as we may interpret it, instead it was lovely to look at and the harmony of the structures consumed by nature was mesmerizing to the eye. They were led through the tall chambers that preceded the throne room where they would meet the Eldest, who would decide what was to happen next.

Upon entering the mirror room the Eldest welcomed them to the Arvin. After the formalities where exchanged, the girl was requested to convey what she had witnessed during her time and so she voiced the story that would later become a legend.


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Four facts about me: #1 I love traveling #2 I am a Hufflepuff pride yall) #3 I am just a slight bit artsy nerdy crazy #4 I am a Nerdfighter! DFTBA !!

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