Day 1 – Hamburg – St. Michaels

Hamburg, beautiful Hamburg.

After meeting up at the school we took the bus and the train to our first stop the Bismark Stature but on our way there we saw something that was absolutely new to us…

A bunch of bunnies. ^^ so adorable! They where running around freely all happy chappies and cute. In our place they would be nomed on by the dogs xD



    This is the Bismarck memorial statue of Bismarck.     

The Trees and the foliage make for lovely Photographs plus the sun was out and the lighting was just wonderful.

We walked through the older parts of the city on our way to the Museum and had the opportunity take some wonderful pictures of the old buildings of the city.


This was our first stop: the mueum for the history of hamburg.

The Exibits where wonderfull and the craftsmen of the time must have been very skilled. We were told, that Hamburg seemed to habe been built burnt down and rebuilt a couple of times.

Hamburg is and was a trading city and has expanded from beginning trades with the Vikings to trading Internationaly with containerships today. The barrels used to transport all kinds of goods are pictured in a life size “piece” of a ship.

This shipwreck is an original and was blown up for some reason >.<

This is our group standing with our guide.

This is how the heads of Priates where put up in public places to show people what would happen should they commit piracy.


We walked A LOT on Day 1 but it isn’t as bad as one would think =)




St. Michaelis Church

After a quick pit stop we continued on the St. Michaels Church. It was absolutely magnificent! Because the inside of the church was closed for a function so we walked up to the Top of the view platform and I can tell you it was amazing!!



I was exhausted , but happy to have made it to the top on foot.

Gillian took the escalator and arrived 5 minutes after me xD

The clockwork of St. Michaelis.

The Inside of the Church was just magnificent!!

I also lit a candle for my grandfather.


We also viewed the “Kramer Amtsstuben” A back yard with little houses for the widows of captains.


The German Church Towers are beautiful and they each have their own little style.

The awesome Teacher who makes this all possible for us. =)


See you for the next one. (Btw I only write about the days that we have stuff planned so day two will be Tuesday and should be out on Wednesday or Thursday )




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