Weird things and famous people

On Sunday we had half a family day and we all went out to “die Bucht” a café/restaurant. It’s a rather nice place with a little dock for people that want to come with their boats. We had a drink and just sat around for a while before deciding to go to the Panoptikum. The Panoptikum is a wax figure cabinet. They display many mor or less famous people as well as a medical assortment and a horror section.

Panopticum has a bunch of famous people standing in it, for example:

The Pope

Rumple Teaser from “Cats”

Albert Einstein

The Panoptikum also had a curiosities and a medicl cabinett. I did not take pictures of the medical cabinett because some of the exibits to most people would just be plain discusting. If you are not easily shocked and happen to be in hamburg I would strongley suggest you take some time to visit.

Here are two less extreme displays :

No this man is not Imagened he realy lived. His condidtion was believed to be caused by the fact that he was a siameese twin. At the age of 33 years he comitted suicide. If you know more enlighten me in the comments.

This mans name was Bill Ducks, he was also known as the man with three eyes. He also lived at some point and was said to live and work in a circus. HE also comitted suicide bu shooting himself in the third eye.

Hope you enjoyed !!




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