Your Pants and Nerdfighteria

I have been a active viewer of John and Hank green for a long while now, reading John book, listening and singing aloud to Hanks music and of course watching the Vlogbrothers Videos on YouTube.  Recently I have also joined Your Pants ,where I have met the most wonderful Nerdfighters and have had the privilege to join the most wonderful community.  At this point I want to give a little shout-out to all you awesome people at TNU!

You guys are absolutely made of awesome.DFTBA!!! ❤

Want to Get Sorted?

A few of the people that know me will know that I’m an absolute harry potter fan. I love the books and I am a avid Hufflepuff. If you’re a hufflepuff you’ll like this Video by HolyHippogrif 🙂 Badger yellow.


I really enjoyed the lyrics of this one 🙂

Also Check out my deviant art 🙂 comments are appreciated 🙂 >>Here<<

Till then







About TheKitty

Four facts about me: #1 I love traveling #2 I am a Hufflepuff pride yall) #3 I am just a slight bit artsy nerdy crazy #4 I am a Nerdfighter! DFTBA !!

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