Day 5-How important do you think education is?

For most of us that are still in the system, when someone asks us about this, we roll our eyes and  start complaining. I do too. before you judge me thou, hear me out. I think education is important, mainly because I know it is. But education can and will only work if it is made for a certain group of people.

If you are a parent reading this, do me a huge favor: Ask you kid what it needs, talk to it, be open minded and most importantly let your kid have a say in certain things.  From exprience with friends and from my own mindset I know that if a parent has a tendency of freaking out at things, even the really minor ones, the child or especially the teen will not share certain things with the parent.

Don’t get me wrong there are defiantly things you should worry out about, things like drugs, alcohol or cutting. Those are things you should educate your kid about.  Also parents here’s a little hint to all you goth/emo/punk/ what ever phobic parents out there, that worry about their children cutting because they look a certain way: The bad news comes way befor the outer appearance changes.

Wow I realy got of topic in my ramblings there ^___^ BACK TO EDUCATION!

This Image is by 13thousand on Deviant Art ,now known as Melelel on Deviant Art

Obviously like I allready said, education is very important but everyone needs the right type. some people are good at languages and they will suit a school that is language oriented. Other are academic  and studious types: They are mostly good at sciences and such things. Last but not least, theres the creative types like myself, who enjoy any kind of creativity wether in music or in creative writing most often in Art and drama.

For the creative types, the worst nightmare is to be stuck at a school that is very academically biased. I speak from experience people.

Either way I hope you enjoyed day 5.




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