Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

By *stormowl7 of Deviant Art

My question today was rather fun to answer and to find deviations for.    You might have noticed, that instead of  using photos I promote artworks, so here we go!

As you will have seen in the first picture, I would much like to have a White Tiger. These Animals are just so majestic and fascinating. Also I very much like all types of felines.

I also have a fascination with Elves, in my eyes they have something feline about them, at least in my vision of elves.

Image by christwriter in Deviant Art

I honestly wish I where so skilled with the digital 🙂 *adores*

The third image I want to feature in this post caught my attention through its composition. The Tiger and the girls dress are so wonderful ❤

By ForestGirl on Deviant Art

Indulge in the skill and beauty of this ❤

See Ya next time





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Four facts about me: #1 I love traveling #2 I am a Hufflepuff pride yall) #3 I am just a slight bit artsy nerdy crazy #4 I am a Nerdfighter! DFTBA !!

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