Day 7 – Favorite tv shows.

Okay I just realized I will have a problem with this task… I avoid TV’s unless showjumping or eventing are on, mostly because I don’t feel like being brain washed by all those adverts and mind crippling ideas society tries to plant in our heads. maybe I am a little drastic but I prefer watching stuff online or getting series on DVD advert free and accecible at all times ^_^

So I’m gonna share my favorite Series with you.

#1 All time favorite by now I brobably know season 1 through 6 of the top of my head,


by *scotty309 of Deviant Art

What I love most about bones is for one the smart humor and the wonderful characters.

I can relate to Brennan as well as to Angela and personalty wise I feel like I have a little of both in them.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Bones: Tell me you tried “excuse me” first.
Angela: Ah, Sweetie. Yes, I did. Welcome home. Are you exhausted? Was Guatemala awful? Was it horribly backward?
Bones: And yet, I was never reduced to flashing my boobs for information.


Booth: You’re a smartass, you know that?
Brennan: Objectively, I’d say I’m very smart, though it has nothing to do with my ass.


Hodgins: (finding a rare insect) Hello my exotic princess!
Cam: What a charmingly inappropriate greeting Dr. Hodgins.
Zach: I think he was talking to the bug.
Cam: Well now I feel a bit…rejected.


Vincent: Mmm-hmmm. Triangular pubis, no evidence of a ventral arc. The pelvic bone speaks, it’s says, “I be male”.
Cam: The pelvic bone can say whatever it wants to say, this part here says female.
Vincent: What part’s that?
Cam: It’s called vagina.

Out of all the interns Vincent is my absolute favorite.  His comments are just billiant and the way he talked just that something in it. Any how tis late so I shall post.


See you tomorrow




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