Spam Comments

Oh don’t we love them , those unbearable non subject related failures of comments.

I just decided that I have to expand that train of thought… so here is a beautiful example of spam comments. this is a Comment the spam filter fished out from m post Coffee or Tea? Let me colour code it for you. Purple will be my snidy little comment and Green will be the actual comment

This is the precise blog for anybody who wants to seek out out about this topic(the topic not really being a topic but more me telling you about the AWESOME coffee Craig makes, also that I will allways be a tea person).You realize so much its nearly arduous to argue with you(like good ol’ big Macintosh said: hyyyup. Have you ever tried arguing a person opinion with someone? It’s like arguing religion with a fanatic … you aint gettin anywhere ) (not that I actually would need?HaHa). You positively put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. (more like talked about for years… remeber the flight attendant : coffee or tea? )Nice stuff, just great!  <– Thanks anyway 😉 

 Ah I could go on for ever ^__^ but that would just bore you guys 😛
Lets see what we get on this post maybe I can make it a weekly spam laughter xD
Later Kittys ❤

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