Cape to Namibia and Wild Horses

After much testing, annoyance  and wanting to smash my computer into the wall I have finally decided on a font that I will be using long-term. I really liked MV Boli but that full stop just aggravated me. 

Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun 

I have a little greeting from the middle of nowhere for you:

(I will put up a little Video for you here)


My dad and I ,once again on our way to Swakopmund, had to stop on the road in the literal middle of nowhere to take some pictures. looking at them they almost look photoshopped but I promise they’re not:


We definitely had a mild case of stir craziness ^__^ 

As I wrote these words we , drove by a herd of horses standing on farmland close to Aus. After some calling a mare and her young son came to the fence to greet us. The sun was going down and made for some beautiful light.


The mare and her son were very well built and I was curious as to whom they belonged to so when my dad and I reached Aus we asked the petrol attendant there.  Unfortunately he couldn’t help us so we’re still trying to find out who owns that land.

It was starting to get dark and so we drove to Klein Aus Vista to see if we could stay there. We decided not to, mainly because there was no camping spot left and the rooms were ridiculously expensive.

This meant for us  continue on to Helmeringhausen. We weren’t too happy about this because according to friends of ours the Kudus were on the roads.


For those of you not Namibian or unable to grasp the significance of this fact: A Kudu is a antelope that if small and female is already some 80 kilograms heavy. If you happen to be really damn unlucky you’ll meet her hubby, the large Kudu bull who can easily weigh 250 kilograms.


Now let me paint you a little picture : Car in our case a Land Cruiser going at 120 km/h vs. a Kudu who weighs easily 250 kg.  Kieren I bet you can give me the physics on that one… either way it ain’t pretty.

Now for all the clever people out there that think a Kudu moves when he hears a car… he doesn’t mainly because once the car lights blind him he has no clue what he’s doing.

Thankfully we could break before we hit the poor guy…


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