Excuses and Berlin

The rest of the Heidelberg days were awesome and those of you following me on twitter (@thezomgkitty) or on instagram have seen the pictures :). You can also find them on my tumblr thezomgkitty.tumblr.com
Oh my this shameless self promotion o.o it has a reason thou: I am unwell and lazy :P.

So after our trip to Heidelberg we continued up to Berlin. I know I know I haven’t posted since I’ve been here but I’ve been unwell and incapable of bringing sensible thoughts out of my mind. Either way have a picture


So on to Berlin. We arrived at the metropol hostel after a five hour train ride and waited patiently for the temperamental lift to take us to the third story reception. We got our keys and went to our rooms exhausted but happy to have made it. The rest of that day we dedicated to washing all the things. Since we had almost nothing left to wear.


The next day had a cycling tour of Berlin planned for us and I must say I did enjoy being back on a bike. It brought back many good memories.


Among the many places we visited is the holocaust memorial. It has this definite power to make you think about it. The way it slopes down while the top of the blocks seem to stay even. to me it signifies how while things look like they barely change one seems to sink into it.


There are so many more sights that we saw like the Bundestag.


We also saw the Brandenburger Tor and a spot where the Berliner wall used to stand.

More on Berlin later!
Till then


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Four facts about me: #1 I love traveling #2 I am a Hufflepuff pride yall) #3 I am just a slight bit artsy nerdy crazy #4 I am a Nerdfighter! DFTBA !!

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  1. I’ve heard so many good things about Berlin – would love to visit some day soon. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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