Thoughts from Places-on the move.

This morning, for the first time in a long time, I awoke to the sound of an alarm clock. I turned around to see Hannah still sleeping next to me and promptly decided to rather take the next train and so,after convincing said alarm clock that silence is what I want, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

The next time our alarm clock gave us some encouragement to get up we could not ignore it and so we shuffled out of bed and got dressed. Unfortunately for us it was raining outside and we had to take the scooter. After some maneuvering to get the suitcase on the scooter we were off to the station. Two girls, a suitcase, a backpack and a handbag on a scooter. . . in the rain. Yeah you get what I’m trying to say don’t you.

We arrive safely and said our goodbyes and Hannah left. I got on my train and listened to the weird sounds trains make while writing. A constant sound of running motors and clicking when the rail is switched.

I arrived at Munich central station and after some running and looking at boards I finally discovered my next train and just made it in time. This meant however that I had to neglect breakfast so now I’m sitting in a train and I’m just a tad bit hungry.

I probably won’t continue writing until this evening but rather publish this just before I get off the train because I will not have a moment to breathe once I’m off. I can wait to see everyone and I am exited to be back.

Just a side note I would love some of your opinions on the future. Does it scare you, do you look forward to it? Please let me know in the comments or on twitter and I’ll probably feature you in my next post.

Till then
Kitty ❤


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  1. The future is the future, it is something to look forward to and not to worry about. The difference between the past and the future is that you can change the future, so if you don’t like the look of where things are going you have the ability to do something about it.
    Worrying without doing anything never helps.

    Look forward to life.

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