Internet Friends and Pocket Watches.


The blogger guilt crept up on me this morning as I realised that I hadn’t posted about London at all. So the second I got on the train I started writing. I am a little odd like this because I don’t like writing while I’m in company of members of my family or lots of friends. I guess it makes me feel rude.

Let me tell you what I’ve been up to:
I went on the original bus trip to see the city of London and find all the sight seeing spots. I saw London bridge and tower bridge as well as the tower and the London eye.

I met my nerdfighter friend Luke at Piccadilly circus and I might write about Internet friendships in the relatively near future. But for now have a picture of me and Luke at Piccadilly circus.

I also went to go see Chicago and I absolutely loved it. The performers were brilliant and the one playing Velma Kelly portrayed her really well.

So that’s my really short account of my trip to London. Maybe I’ll go back one day to meet more awesome nerdfighters.
Till then

Update: I completely forgot to mention my new pocket watch. I bought it in a little store in London.



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