Primary Emotion-Rage

I warn you now, this post will be used to vent a little because quite frankly I am (excuse my french) f!&#ing pissed off at two things on my travel back home. I really hope my misfortune and frustration amuse you at least a little. The. It would have been worth all the nerves. So let me start.

First and foremost let me say that I will never again fly with Air Berlin. EVER. My little fly about started in Munich where I had go go to a whole different boarding gate in a whole different section after the plane was delayed for forty odd minutes. Here’s a hint you’ll notice a pattern soon. So you know I finally get to board and fly my first trip from Munich to Berlin.

Berlin I get out I can’t go via transit but rather I have to leave the entire bloody building to get to where I’m going. It was hot. I was annoyed. Let me tell you baaad mix. So u get to passport control and guess what: there’s no one there to control passports. So I wait. And Wait and WAIT! After a good hour of waiting for someone capable of the controlling of passports, the guy arrives, goes into his little cabin, turns on the computer, logs on, and then f&#%*s off for a smoke break. You can images the state of mind that hot, bothered and sweaty me was in: RAGE!! And lots of it. I don’t usually mind delays and such things- hell I even had a good snigger when BA had us get off the back end of the plane because they parked in domestic and we where an international flight-but when ,after waiting for ages ,they announced the first delay my thoughts where just shit I won’t make my flight to cape town.

And indeed when they announced more than an hour delay it was clear there was no way I would make the flight. So eventually they boarded us and then put us on busses filled to the brink to drive us around half the airport before stopping next to a plane. We all waited for the doors to open but they didn’t. It was getting very hot and stuffy inside and I could feel the sensation of lightheadedness and impending fainting creeping up on me. They kept us crammed in that bus for a good fifteen minutes before they opened the doors because people were getting very angry and started banging on the drivers cabin. I at this point thought only of one thing “don’t faint, you can’t faint now”. When the doors finally opened it was such a relief for me.

The flight was rather ordinary and I did end up missing my flight to cape town and had to fly via walfis bay to get home. But in the end I did and I was so unbelievably relieved.

I had been considering not to post this because I am a believer of not raging on the Internet but this time I feel like I need to say it.
I also have a question for you guys what do you love and what do you hate about traveling?
So till next time
Kitty <;3


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