Home Sweet Home

So apart from technically being home I haven’t been home much at all. It still being holidays I spent my time with the horses and my friends.

Here is Ben (@benmeier_) and myself at Ashleigh’s house a couple of days ago.
It seems I have started a trend. I wanted to play Civilisations V and got Craig to buy it for me. He then started playing it himself and now Ben has bought it. I won’t lie it is quite a time eater and I did just play hours and hours on end but Craig has definitely been a lot worse. For those of you that don’t game or just don’t know Civilisations: it is a strategy game where you are a leader of some sort (Catherine of Russia or a Chinese lady who’s name I couldn’t spell if I tried) and you build your empire to reach some sort of world domination I guess. I will let you know once I finish. At the moment Catherine of Russia is constantly denouncing me and telling me how much I suck. I find it distinctly humerus.

As some of you may know I went shopping for horsey stuff in Germany and I am delighted to see how well it suits Forest. This is from the day I landed.


Unfortunately Forest pulled a shoe the second day I was back and so he had to wait for the farrier to respond and had to make due with visits and no exercise for three days. During that time I rode my friend Aidan’s horse Picasso -shout out to Aidan: you’re the best hun <3! I really enjoy riding Picasso, he was so wonderfully sweet and got me to jump a little 🙂 (side note: I am a absolute chicken and also a convinced dressage rider so jumping is not the kind of thing I do most of the time) Ash rode Sunny and she jumped so well with him. I won't lie I am a little jealous that she is so brave. Picasso also got things from Germany and he looked stunning in them.

And on this horsey note: till next time
Kitty ❤


About TheKitty

Four facts about me: #1 I love traveling #2 I am a Hufflepuff pride yall) #3 I am just a slight bit artsy nerdy crazy #4 I am a Nerdfighter! DFTBA !!

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