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Many Exiting Things

The last week has been ridiculously stress filled and I cannot even begin to tell you all the great things that have been happening ^^

Blake and Myself have been working tirelessly and are now ready to hit all the markets with both Knobs&Tassels (find us on and The Ginger Kitty ( and are hoping to meet some more great people and make some more awesome friends.

Come by the market at TrenchTown in Obs this weekend 27th July from 11am and show us your support!

My coffee bunnies are exited to meet you !!br />

Also once things have calmed down a little I will be writing up those Graham’s town posts I promise ❤

Haven't used this in ages but
the ginger kitty <3<


Exams and frustration.

Exams are upon us in full swing and I won’t lie I’m pretty run over by this. I mean its my second proper set of exams and I’m in matric. (Matric is…basically it’s my last year of school)
So this afternoon I took my boyfriends throwing stars and tree them at my old “treehouse”. It’s amazing how soothing doing something like this is.
What do you do to relax and calm down? Let me know in the comments ❤
Bai=^.^= Kitty