Graham’s Town Festival: the last day

I won’t lie on the last day most of us were somewhat over being herded from show to show, however the lineup did save the day.

-the island (the story of the robbenisland inmates of cell 42 block D)
-Frank Sinatra and friends (I wish my gran could have seen that, I loved it and she would have even more)
-Moor ( a slightly confusing but really well done South African remake of Othello)
– jittery citizens comedy was great we had so much fun

Over the next few days I’ll be writing linger posts to what we did and tell you all the great things.


Three Down One More To Go

Day 3 of Graham’s Town festival things that happened:

-food at the market (pancakes for R5…amazing)
-bittersweet ( one amazing dance show)
-Callum’s Will, one very sad but really amazing play(go see it!)
-crazy inlove was a little strange but somewhat enjoyable
-I will not even mention anything about the last show I saw that day apart from that it was the greatest nap I ever had.
-mad pyjama party with Karen and Alex

After that I was really just too tired to do anything so that’s why the post is delayed.
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