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Oh No She Has A Tumblr

Some know it some font but busy doing my last year of high school. Final exams to be precise. So time to write or even the mind to write is not one if the things that have priority right now.
T-T I know.

If you miss my nonsense too much go check out my tumblr : CLICK HERE FOR MY TUBLR

Much love and see you after finals ❤


Updates for those that care =P

So, what’s new? Well first things first, I have decided to download and try out Windows Live Writer. So I will let you know how that works out. With that I have a wider variety of fonts so I went ahead and chose a new one: MV Boli. Do let me know how you like it =] I like it so far. Except for the full stop because it’s in the air . I think I’ll get used to it eventually =]

On another note, the media team of my school and I have started up a Tumblr and we will start posting, by posting the first Videos about the trials on there.


Lastly I want to say something I spotted on some ones wall the other day and it really is something I live by:


Be bold, itallic or CAPITAL but please never be regular


Later kittys ❤